As Mugla American Culture Foreign Language Courses, we live the happiness and proud of leaving our 100th year in foreign language education. We are one of the most common language schools in Turkey and the world, with 153 representatives in Turkey and 6 representatives abroad, with approximately 150,000 students who have successfully completed their education every year.

Our institutions, thanks to the high quality standards applied; The 2011 European Union Quality Award for the Year 2011-2011 is the first and only language school to qualify for the Consumer Quality Award for three consecutive years.

In our educational programs, one of our basic characteristics is that we do not provide appropriate education in the European Language Passport, and the other is a practical, applied language school. When you have successfully completed your level, your completed level is certified as an online certificate with your Turkish ID number or your passport number on the internet.

We offer training at all levels from beginner to expert level with our specialist teaching staff. In addition, we provide special courses such as Latin dances, Good Speaking and Diction on special days of the week as social activities to our participating students.

Every student who completes the beginner level gains the right to participate in Conversation Club classes. Our students now have the opportunity to speak at various times in conjunction with native speaker trainers.

Our Differences

The American Cultural Association Language Schools, which constantly renews the concept of deep-rooted language education with contemporary methods, is the most common language education institution that has reached up to different regions of Turkey. It is a national brand that keeps foreign language education in a standard in every school in Turkey.

It is an establishment with modern technical equipments that constantly maintains the quality of Turkish and foreign trainee staff whose main profession is to teach language.

American English.

  • American Cultural Association Language Schools is the only private educational institution in Turkey. That provides American English education and exams. International visual media, press-publishing, cinema, economy, Internet, etc. 95% of the English used in many places is American.

Compatible Language Programs for the European Language Portfolio

  • The European Language Passport is an official project supported by the Council of Europe and standardizing foreign language instruction in all European. Union countries within a specific program (includes the European Language Portfolio, File, Language Biography and Language Passport).

Mugla American Cultural Association Language schools are one of the few educational institutions in Turkey that have adapted their education system to the European Language Portfolio.