General English Curriculum

General English language courses are offered in accordance with the European Language Passport. Language level indicators

expressed as a total of 6 rates. The lessons in these general programs focus on American English and speaking skills.


Exam English

It is a grammatically weighted program for the test technique and is applied specifically for each exam. For example; If you are preparing for the computer-based TOEFL test, a program for this is applied. These programs are divided into PRE-PREPARATION and PREPARATION. If your level is A2-B1, PRE-PREPARATION, if B2-C1 level you will be taken directly to PREPARATION. All these are valid for PROFICIENCY exams. (the university has a prep program)


Online English

This program is for you; he will teach private lessons with an English teacher while studying in English on his own. This method; to improve your education and to make learning English easy and fast using internet materials.

TESOL Certificate

With this certificate, you can teach English to anyone who is not native English speaker in Turkey as well as all over the world. (At the end of this program you will be able to work in all private schools and language courses in Turkey with the certificate you have obtained from the M.E.B as your appointed appointment English Master Instructor

European Language Passport

It is a statement that people who have learned or learned language at school or outside school can register and express their cultural experiences with their language learning experiences. The European Language is an evaluation system based on the Common European Framework. “Learning Autonomy” and “Self Assessment” are the educational concepts on which this portfolio is based