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American Cultural Association Foreign Language Courses Exam English What is our program?

It is a grammatically weighted program for the test technique and is applied specifically for each exam english. For example; If you are preparing for the computer based TOEFL test, a program for this is applied.

These programs are divided into PRE-PREPARATION and PREPARATION.

If your level is A2-B1, PRE-PREPARATION, if B2-C1 level you will be taken directly to PREPARATION.

All these are valid for PROFICIENCY examinations. (The university has a prep program.)

We kindly ask you to contact us for more information about the IELTS, TOEFL, PROFICIENCY, LYS5 and YDS courses, especially the materials prepared by the American Examination Center and the programs we have updated with our experienced teachers. In Mugla, choose Mugla American Culture for YDS course, IELTS, TOEFL and PROFICIENCY courses.

English Exams

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

The TOEFL test is a test conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in New Jersey, USA, to test American English knowledge of non-English speakers in many parts of the world.

The Toefl Exam is used as the criterion for accepting non-English students from the main language of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs by nearly 4,300 colleges and universities offering English language training worldwide. In addition, many institutions, organizations and companies around the world accept a good score on the Toefl exam for job applicants as an English proficiency certificate.

For the Toefl exam, students who want to study at a university, college or institute that teaches English should enter. In addition, anyone who wishes to prove English language knowledge with a document with international validity may be eligible for this test.

The test consists of four parts. It is completed between 3.5 hours and 4 hours. A short break is given during this period.
 Depending on where it is done, the exam may take one of three forms:

1. Computerized testing  (TOEFL® CBT – Computer based)

Consists of four sections:

  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Listening
  • Writing

The difficulty of the questions in the listening and grammar sections is adjusted by the computer during the exam, depending on the correctness of the answers given. The start of testing on the Internet has resulted in the application of computerized testing.

2. Written test(TOEFL® PBT – Paper based)

It is provided at the test centers where the test is not available on the internet or to provide options for those who do not prefer the test over the internet. This test tests the areas of the computer test (reading, grammar, listening, writing) but contains more questions from the computerized test and the written score is evaluated separately from the test.

The TOEFL® PBT test on paper takes approximately three and a half hours to complete. There is also a 30-minute writing exam called TWE® (Test of Written English ™) which is mandatory for anyone who enters on paper. The two tests take about four hours to complete.

There are three compulsory TOEFL PBT exams as well as TWE writing exams. To score points, at least one question must be answered in each section and a composition must be written.

Exams Chapter Time        Number of Questions
Toefl Pbt Listening 30-40 min
Toefl Pbt  Grammar 25 min 40
Toefl Pbt Reading   55 min 50
TWE Writing 30 min a topic
3. Test over the internet (TOEFL® IBT – Internet based)

The TOEFL IBT exam is an internet based exam and is offered in a safe way. Information on responding to questions is given separately in each section. Students who take the TOEFL IBT exam can take notes throughout the entire exam. At the end of the exam, the grades held by the students are collected and destroyed.

The exam consists of four parts:
  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Listening
  • Writing

The entire exam for these four sections is given on the same day. The exam takes 4 hours.

In the Speaking section, the students respond by speaking to the microphone and the answers are recorded in digital format and sent to ETS Online Scoring Network.

Students who take the TOEFL IBT test in the Writing section write their essays via the keyboard. These letters are also sent to ETS for scoring.

The table below shows the types of questions and the expected response times for the TOEFL IBT test. The answer time for each section varies depending on the number of questions.

Chapter Time Number of Questions
Reading 60-100 min 36-70
Listening 60-90 min 34-51
break 10 min
Speaking 20 min 6 works


*** The TOEFL test is administered by ETS and all changes to the TOEFL are made by ETS.


Foreign Language Placement Examination is a central exam which will be carried out by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) on the instruction of the Higher Education Council.

YDS; ÜDS and KPDS and will include questions from three basic sciences (science, health, social). However, unlike UDS, there is no distinction between scientific discipline in YDS; all candidates will be subject to the same test no matter where they are trained.

There are 80 questions in the YDS, and the value of each correct answer is calculated from 1.25 points. In YDS, the total test time is 2.30 hours (150 minutes), and the average time for each question is 1 minute 52.5 seconds.

IELTS – International English Language Testing System

It is an examination system with international field validity for determining the English language level. The exam, which was launched in 1989, is organized by Cambridge University – English Test Center for Foreigners, British Council and IDP Education Ltd.

The exam is done in two types;

1.)    Academic

2.)   General purpose

Academic exam; It is necessary for those who want to study or work in a university in an English-speaking country.

General purpose exam is required for non-academic study, internship or immigration applications.

The IELTS is accepted by almost all institutions in Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa, and approved by most institutions in the United States.

The main aim of the examination is to determine the competence of the participant in listening, reading, writing and speaking in English. The general evaluation level is reached after an evaluation score of 0-9 is given for these sections. In the speech section, which constitutes a significant part of the exam, the participant chatters with an auditor. The auditor notes the assessments of the participant and also records the entire conversation.

All participants are required to complete four sections

listed as listening, reading, writing and speaking. The listening and speaking sections are the same for all participants, but the reading and writing sections vary according to whether the examination is academic or not.

The LIST section consists of four separate sections. Before each section, brief information is given about the participant’s situation. Then they are given a period of time to look at the questions in the exam. A brief break in half of the first three parts allows attendees to read the remaining questions. Each section is played only once, and no repetition is made.

READING consists of three parts in the academic examination, 13-14 questions after each text, 40 questions in total. The text is shorter and simpler, although there are three parts in the general examination.

WRITING consists of two parts; first a description of a table is requested and in the second part a composition is written in a selected title.

The SPEECH section consists of three parts. In the first part of the conversation, general information about the participant, interests and family members are covered. In the second part, a participant is asked to talk about the subject after asking him / her to think for a while. In the third part, the supervisor is debated about the subject mentioned in the previous section.

Total test duration takes about 3 hours:

  • Listening: 40 min
  • Reading: 60 min
  • Writing: 60 min
  • Talk: 10-15 min

The first three chapters – listening, reading and writing – are always conducted in this order and at the same examination center on the same day without breaks. The speaking section can be done within seven days after the other examination sections at another testing center on the will of the examination center.

The IELTS level assessment is 0-9. If the average ends in .25, the upper half is rounded to .75, then the upper integer is rounded.

Nine separate levels have been described as follows:

  • 9 (Expert user): fully dominated by the language, fluent speech and full comprehension, as well as proper and correct use.
  • 8 (Very good user): Only rarely have inconsistencies with full dominance in the language. Misunderstandings can occur in uncommon situations. Can deal with complex situations.
  • 7 (Good user): With the dominance of the language, there may be some inconsistencies and misunderstandings. Be able to deal with complex situations and understand detailed explanations.
  • 6 (Talented user): Generally speaking, there are some inconsistencies and misunderstandings. Can use complex language in common situations.
  • 5 (Reasonable user): Partially dominant in language, it can cope with most situations but makes some mistakes. It is dominated by basic subjects in its field.
  • 4 (Limited user): Basic competence applies only to familiar matters. Frequent problems with complex usage.
  • 3 (Overly limited user): Understand and understand only general situation.
  • 2 (Intermittent user): Real communication is only possible on very familiar conditions and with limited vocabulary groups.
  • 1 (Not user): Not likely to use a language other than a few independent words.
  • 0 Used for candidates who have not entered the examination and therefore have not been informed

Is it TOEFL or IELTS? Which is harder?

It is advantageous to be knowledgeable about the content of the exam in language exams and to have worked on similar questions. Because each test has different methods and specificities. So once you decide to take the examination of the institution you should start working on the basis of its method.

Below is a comparison table for TOEFL and IELTS:
  Toefl Ielts
Most / most mınute poınts requıred? 0-120 1-9 (half grades can also be taken)
Why ıs the exam method? computer Test method, paper pen
Have very varıable? Ibt 2 modules (academic/general)
Where apply? Http://www.ets.org/toefl vww.britishcouncil.org.tr
How many times do you enter? Up to the request 3 months 1 mınute
Have a chaphers? 4 chaphers 4 chaphers
Listening 1 hour – 1 listening (30 mınutes) name and begıns – 1 lıstenıng
Reading 1 hours (1 hours) candıdates same same
Writing 1 hours (1 hours) candıdates same same
Talking 1 hour – with microphone and headphone in on-line environment. (12-15 minutes) with an interpreter and an exam supervisor over you
How long does it takes? 4 hours (10 minutes after the first 2 hours) 2:45 (excluding the speech section)
Where are their offices in Turkey? No office in Turkey Bıtısh council examinations department
How many years are the exams valid? 2 years 2 years
How many years are the exams valid? Explained within 15 business days Explained within 13 business days


The Proficiency Exam is designed to ensure that new students who are new to the university are required to pass the qualification exemption (exemption / proficiency) exams prepared by the university they are attending and to enter the faculty directly before starting the first year, Proficiency Exam.

Proficiency; each university is prepared in its own structure in accordance with its own needs and consists of 4 parts:
  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Listening
  • Writing

There is no specific form of proficiency test. Each university prepares exams according to their needs. While some exams are mostly multiple choice questions, some exams focus on listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Each university has its own proficiency exam.