Junior English Programs

American Cultural Association Foreign Language Courses as Junior English Program

The biggest problem faced in the language education for primary and high school students in our country. is that they prepare for examinations that are made nationwide, which will affect their life especially in the 2nd and 3rd years of elementary education. Because at this stage it is not enough time to study English and they can not give the necessary value.
On the other hand, when English education is being seriously initiated during the university period, we see that prejudices and external perceptions that impede learning make language education more difficult. Namely; The rapidity of a 7-year-old student’s learning of a foreign language is not at the same level in adult students who are aging (for example, about 20 years old). However, language education is a learning process that has been completed in all developed countries in elementary school years without the student becoming adolescent.

Program content

  • It is aimed to teach by liking activities with activities.
  • A speech-based education model is followed.
  • Students are trained in groups that are appropriate for their age and language level.
  • All of our trainers are formative teachers and are experts in their field.
  • While the progress of our students is controlled by regular examinations, the missing points are reinforced by assignments and additional courses.
  • Our trainers are constantly in contact with parents, not just students.
  • While the parents are constantly being informed of the lessons, exams and projects, our advisors are always ready to answer the questions of the parents.