General-purpose Turkish courses

4 Basic Levels (A1.1., A1.2., A2.1., A2.2.), 4 Intermediate Levels (B1.1., B1.2., B2.1., B2.2.) And 4 Advanced Levels (C1.1., C1.2., C2.1., C2.2.). When our pupils are subjected to a verbal performance evaluation in which the speech and verbal expression skills are evaluated and returned to them at the end of each group (A1.1., A1.2., A2.1, A2.2., Etc.) At the end of the falling currencies (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2), they are evaluated with four language skills (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speech, written expression) and side-by-side skills (grammar) that support these skills.

In the course of the jump to the next round, the performance evaluation results that the course teacher will create during the exchange rate are also taken into account. The Coursebook for Foreigners and their workbooks, CD’s and other supporting supplementary materials are used in the lessons.

Other languages

Each student enrolled in any foreign language program in Mugla American Culture Foreign Language Schools may continue to pay 20% of the initial tuition fee for group training (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian) of another foreign language program opened during the course of study .