Do not give “Es” to your education life 

The Statue of Liberty is stepping in with you in the first phase of your education life. Your success will be the architect in the face of the prep. The preparation jump test is an examination that faculty members are subjected to before they start their departmental education. This test measures students’ English level. The students who pass the exam successfully, begin training without having read the preparation training. As the Statue of Liberty Language Courses we guarantee you that you succeed in this exam. 

100% Guaranteed Preparation Jump – Proficiency – Our Education System 

You will receive the Preparatory Jumping Training in the Statue of Liberty International Language Courses. Your Preparatory Jump Your training steps that take you to 100% Success; 

3-step Level Meter 

a)     Grammer – Reading Level Detection (Online)

b)     Listening – Speaking Level Detection (Facial Expert Trainer)

c)     Writing ( Facial Expert Trainer)

All of your skills are determined and evaluated.

Preparation Jump – Proficiency Exam Analysis

Your University’s Preparatory Jumping Exam will be reviewed by our expert trainers and the exam content will be issued. It is determined which skills the exam measures and at which level English is expected. 

Special Training Program for you 

In accordance with the content of the exam you are going to take, you will determine how many hours of lessons you need in the skills you lack. Unless you are caught up in crowded classroom environments and different learning speeds, you will have an individualized special education program that takes into account only your needs. 

You will begin your training with results focused and tailored to you without losing unnecessary time. You can also spend time with yourself and the local teachers who are specialists in your field and work at home, but you will soon begin your intensive – productive training program. 

You do not guarantee success with this training program, which includes all the testing strategies and question solution techniques you will need to overcome obstacles in front of you. 

·         Our success rate in Preparatory Jumping Exams as a Mugla American Culture Language schools is 98%. 

·         Preparatory Jumping – Proficieny Before entering your exam, we will provide guidance and assessments that you can receive from the IELTS and TOEFL exams that your university can accept. 

Make the Right Move with the Statue of Liberty! 

This test, which measures your grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, varies according to the mathematics of each chapter. In this sense, it is necessary to carry out a rigorous and careful work. The Statue of Liberty Sculpture is your closest solution partner at this point. Gaining success in this examination is crucial for the interest graph for the motivation of the student. Successful completion of the preparatory jumping test, which removes the loss of the year, provides a great privilege.

University education, which is one of the most important phases of academic life, starts with this examination. As each faculty moves with its own teaching and teaching policies, the examination logic varies according to each faculty. The most important step in this phase is to work with the right institution and receive training.

Muğla American Culture Foreign Language Courses are an institution that holds education ritin of the city. To save time in the first year of university life, the preparatory test is the right thing for a student. If you feel that your English is inadequate or if you feel that this area is lacking, the education we offer may be included and you can pass the preparation test easily. 

Do not Search for an Educational Rhythm! 

What the faculty do in the preparation exam; metered-through. Dimensioning is a very sensitive issue in the exam mechanism. Even if the qualities and quantities of education change, the fact that they are measured does not change. Mugla American Culture, with its quality education, specialist education, thematic education, success-oriented education and many more dynamics, is ready for the first step in your education life! If you want to start training without interruption, join the preparation exam training! The Statue of Liberty is on your side as your closest solution partner.

You can quickly take your education life by including our fast, flawless, effective and solution focused training programs.